What is it?

Nordex ButtBuster09buttbuster is the perimeter control product of choice
for surface and underground blasting applications is
available for the North American market through
Nordex Explosives Ltd.

Produced as a one-piece custom length, semi-rigid
coiled charge, buttbuster is ideal for rapid loading of
perimeter boreholes in surface and underground mines.

It’s specifically designed to create smooth walls and
have a safer controlled blast in development headings
and shaft sinking.




Watch this video to see how our buttbuster product is made.


• High energy flared end (no primer necessary)
• High velocity of detonation (VOD) minimizes geological stress
• Reduces over break to an average of 4%, reducing haulage costs
• Decoupled charge produces precision shearing
• Loading time reduced up to 50%
• Scaling times reduced 50%-70%
• Reduces shotcrete coating
• Precision blasting provides improved safety in ground control and reduces potential rockfall
• Prefitted retention spiders eliminate the need for stemming
• Oxygen balanced explosive (no nitroglycerine)
• Jumbo downtime is reduced due to precision shearing and less scaling
• Waterproof
• Vastly superior shelf life to comparable perimeter products
• Customised charges are manufactured to suit individual borehole depths

physical properties


standard packaging

buttbuster is supplied in 55 lb. (25kg) cases.

storage and handling

buttbuster should be stored in a cool, dry, high
explosives magazine licensed for Class 1.1D explosives.

shelf life

buttbuster has a shelf life of 10 years, stored in ideal conditions


Although buttbuster is oxygen balanced, users should ensure
that adequate ventilation is provided prior to re-entry to the
blast site.

As with all explosives, buttbuster can be initiated by shock,
friction or mechanical impact and should thus be handled and stored with care.

additional information (recommended)

Underground development heading
Tie in 5g Detonating cord to be ± 20” / 500mm
from perimeter holes.

Perimeter Borehole Spacing  
24”- 27” / 600 – 700mm

Perimeter Borehole Collar
16”- 20” / 400 – 500mm

24”- 27” / 600 – 700mm

Burden Hole Collar (ANFO)
16”- 20” / 400 – 500mm